Galen Rupp at the NYC Half-Marathon: Asthmatic Ninja?

Posted on 24. Jun, 2011 at 3:32 pm by in Track & Field, Uniforms

Galen Rupp finished third in the recent NYC Half-Marathon – beaten out by Oregon Project training partner Mo Farah (winner), and 2010 NYC Marathon champion Gabe Gebremariam (runner-up). Running in only the third road race of his life, Rupp made an early mistake when he clipped the leg of a runner in front of him, causing himself as well as a few others to tumble to the ground. Fortunately no injuries were sustained and Rupp was able to return to the fray. His third-place finish is very encouraging for the former Oregon standout, 24, who has got to be pretty stoked he killed it against the world’s best medium distance road runners with so little road experience. The real talk of the race was the SICK ninja-style mask Rupp sported for a little more than the first half of the race – specially designed to prevent exercise-induced asthma (which has plagued Rupp since HS). Apparently that type of asthma is caused by wet, damp air entering the lungs during strenuos physical exercise – and the mask is designed to keep more warm air flowing into the lungs. Also, in true Oregon-Nike alignment, Rupp rocked out the double forearm sleeves and gloves, murdered out in all black, with the skintight beanie and mask – Rupp is clearly coming for the souls of the competition.

Side note: Drank at this rich guy’s tailgate at the Natty Title with Kevin Towers (the padres GM) and Rupp – and both got after it hard. Rupp looks way more like a member of the Geek Squad than a world-class athlete. And Towers was rocking some moccasin-like shoes that looked to be worth easily more than anything I own.

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