Time to crown a new champ

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 at 5:00 pm by in The Fermenter, Uniforms

A new champion has been crowned in the world of hideous uniforms. This new champion has beat out some of the all time greats, from the old Tampa Bay creamsicle unis to the orange and red Astro disaster. But now we enter into a new dynasty and one that I an see lasting a long time. I give you the new champion New Orleans Hornets Mardi Gras Jerseys.

I don’t even know where to start with these beauties. How about the awesome color scheme. I know people are gonna say it’s just Mardi Gras colors but here’s why it works for Mardi Gras, because your hammered and staring at huge tits the entire time so of course your not going to give  shit about this color scheme. The only way this uniform is acceptable in a game is if they are giving out free beer all game and the cheerleaders are topless otherwise let’s save this for Bourbon street. Now onto the NOLA across the chest of the jersey. Now I’m not from Nawlins but I have never heard New Orleans called NOLA, if anybody knows this info please spread the word out here to the west coast becuase it’s not reaching us. So now it’s time for everyone to lift their glass and pay respect to the new champ. May there reign on top last forever.

Now some of the old classic ugly unis

Houston Astros:

Tampa Bay:

Pittsburgh Pirates:

And yes even the Ducks:

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4 Responses to “Time to crown a new champ”

  1. Kinger

    09. Feb, 2010

    I find it funny that the Bucs old unis are thought of a terribly ugly, while the Volunteers unis are looked at as being ‘classy and timeless.’ Bright orange color schemes are bright orange color schemes, whether your helmets have a Pirate with a knife in his grill, or a boring ‘T’ on them.

  2. bbryan

    09. Feb, 2010

    Needs more Beaver’s orange bra uni’s. And those Pirates uni’s are the tits, especially if you can find a picture of Leland smoking a heater in one of them.

  3. PKD

    09. Feb, 2010

    Yeah those NOLA uniforms even made the duck units look good.

  4. bbryan

    09. Feb, 2010

    The most offensive part of those uni’s is that they say NOLA on them.

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