Morning Hangover: Mette Lindberg…The hot blonde from the Heineken commercial

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 at 8:00 am by in Beer + Stuff

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs you have seen the Heineken commercial I’m talking about, and if you haven’t here it is.

Since the first time I saw the commercial I have been in love with the small blonde that is singing. Well I have done some searching over the net and found that she is Mette Lindberg from some Danish group called “The Asteroid Galaxy Tour”. Man it’s got to be great to live in Northern Europe. Just bounce between Denmark, Sweden and Norway and have just drop dead gorges blondes around you at all times, almost makes me want to start liking soccer and move on over there. So if you don’t see a post from me for a couple weeks assume that I’m living the dream in the land of hot blondes.





































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51 Responses to “Morning Hangover: Mette Lindberg…The hot blonde from the Heineken commercial”


    26. Apr, 2011

    honestly she looks so hipster and not that hot in those other photos and in the video I think you ruined the heineken commercial for me. she looks so gorgeous in it, and these other things actually show her as she is, a kind of weird bjork-like nastyrag for the general depravity that is scandinavia

  2. stake

    26. Apr, 2011

    ^^^Coming from a guy who responds to quadriplegic chicks on Craigslist^^^

  3. Kinger

    26. Apr, 2011

    That really was quite an entrance there by Will Turner.


    26. Apr, 2011

    First of all who is Will Turner, Kinger? And stake, you can suck it. I didn’t hit up the quadro from CL, but it wasn’t because I think I’m better than she is. It’s because I don’t want to have to do all that manual labor lifting her in and out of that chair

  5. Kinger

    26. Apr, 2011

    Use Google Ster, sheesh. Ever used the internet before?


    26. Apr, 2011

    the only will turner i can remember is orlando blooms character in pirates of the caribbean


    26. Apr, 2011

    William Turner (artist) of Oxford, English watercolour painter
    William Turner (naturalist), English ornithologist and botanist
    William Turner (Bishop of Buffalo)
    William Turner (Bishop of Salford), England
    William Turner (composer), baroque English composer
    William Turner (Unitarian minister)
    William Turner (biographer), son of the Unitarian minister
    William Turner (university principal), Scottish academic
    These are the only William Turner’s that Wikipedia listed. Only William Turner without any middle name or initial as part of their common title.

  8. Braga

    28. Apr, 2011

    This chick is not hot.

  9. bret

    05. May, 2011

    this chick is way hot. i wanted to do her so bad the moment i saw her.

  10. Ron Artest

    05. May, 2011

    THE STER’s got problems. Like, I really think he’s challenged.

  11. mel

    05. May, 2011

    This girl is amazingly beautiful. Anyone who says differently is either an idiot or jealous!

  12. Travis

    21. May, 2011

    Whoa, I’ve been wanting to see Mette Lindberg from that Heineken comercial in a swimsuit…her voice mesmorizes me like Katy Perry’s they both put me in a trance like schoolboy state. HOT!

  13. asugirl

    29. May, 2011

    She may have a distinct voice, but damn she looks anorexic or on drugs… look healthy first, then let your voice shine!!!

  14. Darrell C

    30. May, 2011

    I think she is pretty and has a great voice!

  15. NORML

    31. May, 2011

    Geeze, I wish I was retarded like you PPL!

  16. mat

    16. Jun, 2011

    dear God, she’s tremendous.

  17. noserope

    28. Jun, 2011

    Hanna Montana wants her hair back. No seriously

  18. Cyn

    02. Jul, 2011

    Are you insane?? God, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Sometines, I don´t understand men… lol


    02. Jul, 2011

    me encanta la música que haces las pistas son lo mejor y sobretodo eres bella

  20. artur

    14. Jul, 2011

    la reina de las mamadas, uauuu,quien la introdujera por la boca…el sueño de todo hombree,

  21. Jake

    17. Jul, 2011

    Fuck all of you, this bitch is sexy as fuck.
    Braga you look like fucking grease yourself so lol
    and to the fag who went out of his way to google will turner… fuck you… lol

  22. joe

    23. Jul, 2011

    There’s something about her…………..

  23. Jake

    23. Jul, 2011

    its probably that shes smoking hot i bet

  24. jay

    24. Jul, 2011

    she is no doubt smoking hot! I did some research online. It breaks my heart to say this, but she is a lesbian!

  25. j

    25. Jul, 2011

    You’re high, she’s definitely not lol relook at your sources

  26. terb

    30. Jul, 2011

    Hot. Not lesbian. Has an absolutely addicting “sound”…all of their songs I’ve been able to run across. Her voice and mannerisms have made me a fan.

  27. BrewCrew

    06. Aug, 2011

    How old are all of you people? I heard of Mette and the asteroid galaxy tour over 3 years ago. Their first single to receive air play was called around the bend.

  28. Ann

    19. Aug, 2011

    She rocks!1 I love her!!

  29. dave

    20. Aug, 2011

    love her sound like a mermaid or sumfukinthing an f u r a guy and don’t think she’s hot u r probly gay

  30. THE STER

    01. Sep, 2011

    i was lion when i said that she was ugly and junk, i know a hot chick when i see one and she is one hot chick i can see. got all you suckers that jumped my stuff though

  31. Jake

    01. Sep, 2011

    Yeah man I thought you were just high as fuck on something cause mm mm skeet skeet shes hot

  32. Chru

    04. Sep, 2011

    Hey Ster. Maybe you should spend less time surfing the net and learn to spell, you moron.

  33. HOT!!!!!

    02. Oct, 2011

    When I die I want to be with her forever in heaven doing what men and women do alone :)

  34. Fender

    02. Oct, 2011

    …..argue about Scrabble challenges?

  35. go down guy

    28. Oct, 2011

    shes so hott im in love-I LOVE HER

  36. Goofy

    16. Nov, 2011

    the real clip for the song “Golden Age”

    Greetings from Germany

  37. Goofy

    16. Nov, 2011

    by the way:

    born: dec 31. 1969

  38. Kidmoe

    09. Dec, 2011

    Any dumb fucker that doesn’t think this woman is an absolute beauty must have had his testicles surgically removed.

  39. Self

    19. Dec, 2011

    They are on top of the music world ! Please keep on doing what you are doing . Sound is very new and very well done .

    Keep going ! Good luck

  40. bob

    18. Feb, 2012

    Saw her live she is 42 and looks 19 she is sooo sooo f*ing hot no joke

  41. jon

    13. Mar, 2012

    Heroin chic body isn’t something I’d call hot. This girl is 25 yr old, but from her size i’d guess she’s 13. And I wouldn’t do girl who is 13.
    Hair is nice, tho. Little bit too hipster and all but who isn’t these days, anyway.

  42. Jeff

    12. Apr, 2012

    Not 42 years old, not a lesbian, and, yes, very very hot.


    21. Apr, 2012

    “bounce between Denmark, Sweden and Norway” … what happened to Finland? There are just as many beautiful blondes in Finland as in her neighbours. I know. I was born there. ;)

  44. chris tucker

    24. May, 2012

    She sings clean and clear, and her voice soars through the roof in person.
    I saw her on the beach here in Tampa once!
    She is as nice as she is pretty, a very clean cut girl.

  45. Col02177

    16. Jun, 2012

    She is beautiful and can really sing.

  46. Kerry

    29. Jul, 2012

    The guys around here must have gotten too used to all the fat chicks of today. She has a perfect body and a cute face along with a very original sweet voice. I wish people would cut on someone just to make themselves feel better.

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