2nd Place is the Last Place You Want To Be Remembered Friends

Posted on 20. Jul, 2011 at 2:43 pm by in NFL Football, Soccer, World Cup

I would like to point out that I recently posted an entry about how I felt the USA women tanked hard and should’ve been ripped for an epic chokejob – but nobody seemed willing to do it. Then Kinger felt the need to tear me apart for saying that second place doesn’t get remembered. So I started to think, does second place really get remembered? Does falling just a bit short truly leave an indelible mark in the minds of fans? The answer is quite simply – yes. But for what? Is that a moment the losers are glad to have? I’m sure Jim Kelly is ecstatic when he gets asked how it felt to lose three SB’s in a row? He’s been asked that question more times than there is a countable number to describe it, and every time he hears it he is brought back to just how he felt after those losses. So sure Kinger, you’re right. The USA soccer team will be remembered…for being a favorite in a tournament they didn’t win. A tournament that they should have been out of against Brazil. And an epic fail in the final against a lower-rate Japanese side, in which they led not once but twice – and managed to fold the tent so quickly on the penalty kicks the announcers barely had time to assimilate that the US women just got DOMINATED by the moment. Ian Darke, the Brit announcer ESPN had doing the games with Julie Foudy, nearly stuttered a few times trying to describe the mess he was witnessing. So great, I hope you remember every player and every through ball from that game because honestly, after a performance like that I’d be embarrassed to say I just went out and represented my country on the pitch.

P.s. Just wanted to get it out there on record that still no memebers of the media have openly ripped the USA for the choke, and if they did Hope Solo was quick to come out and say “anyone who thinks we choked obviously doesn’t know anything about soccer.” I know enough to know that what I was watching was pathetic. So it isn’t quite so obvious, I guess.

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6 Responses to “2nd Place is the Last Place You Want To Be Remembered Friends”

  1. Jonathan Adams

    20. Jul, 2011

    This reminds me of Chris Connelly’s theory of “critically acclaimed sports teams” that he unleashed on Bill Simmons’ podcast a few years ago. It’s about teams that don’t win a title but end up being just as memorable as the team that does. I don’t think Team USA fits in with that (except for the Brazil game), but 2010 Oregon football definitely would.


  2. Kinger

    20. Jul, 2011

    I love how I’m being propped up as saying the US didn’t choke and changed the sporting landscape. Straw man, STER, straw man.

    I would guess that finishing 3rd is probably worse than second. Probably finishing 19th as well. But, maybe not.

    As far as Jim Kelly goes, did the Bills choke in some SBs, absolutely. But, he’s looked at more fondly with all those failings than a guy like Warren Moon who instead of finishing 2nd, finished like ’8th’ all the time when he got bounced in the divisional round.


    20. Jul, 2011

    i never said anything about you saying shit about the womens team. i stated you ripped for me saying second place isn’t remembered. which you did. and I didn’t say people look at jim kelly unfavorably – just that he hates being that second place guy. he’d rather, i bet- 20 years later – wish he had been a Warren Moon. Warren can do his TV gigs and be the articulate yet genuine black guy, and never gets asked a thing about anything from his career. just saying i think second place is a bullshit place to be whether you are remembered or not.
    @JAdams – solid link, and a ridiculous memory by you

  4. Kinger

    20. Jul, 2011

    Second place does suck. We can all attest to that feeling after this years title game. I won’t disagree with that.

    But STER, please tell me you’re joking about Warren Moon? The articulate guy that cried racism during the NFL Draft process as Cam Newton slid from potential #1 pick to actual #1 pick…


    20. Jul, 2011

    No, I’m not joking about Warren Moon. And that argument you just made is irrelevant to what we are talking about. Ok, Warren Moon made an ass out of himself in that instance – but my point is, at this time so many years later, I guarantee Jim Kelly wouldn’t mind never having to answer any questions about a bunch of epic SB chokes, and just going about his life as a well-liked, well-received, decently venerated Ex-NFL QB with some success in his backpocket. That is all.

  6. Stir is a tard

    20. Jul, 2011

    Yeah stir moons job with the seashells is so awesome it erases him never even reaching a super.bowl… Stupid point

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