Matt Barkley hates gay people

Posted on 24. Feb, 2011 at 12:17 am by in USC Trojans Football

For whatever reason, sports and politics intermix themselves. Not sure why, but they do. So, when an athlete starts talking politics, I think it’s fair game to point it out if one wants to, right?  Well everyone’s favorite SoCal cool, surfer boy and Twilight loving QB from USC, Matt Barkley weighs in on the government dropping their defense against gay marriage.

(I just don’t want to see any of them get married…)

Proud to live in freedom! Well, that is unless you’re gay. USA! USA! USA!

I know what some of you are going to say, ‘Matt never says he hates gay people.’ And well, you’re right, but because of TMZ and bloggers, I kinda have to sensationalize it. I mean, I got you to look, so there.

Honestly I don’t see why ‘breeders’ are so against gay people getting married in the first place. I mean marriage sucks. Shared bank accounts, kids, mini-vans, Saturdays at Lowe’s, no sex, nagging, alcoholism and eventually 97% of all women walk away with almost all of the guys assets. Basically, it’s a shitty deal and if the gays want down on it, by all means go right ahead.

PS-Matt Barkley wears a Tim Hardaway jersey every Monday, fact.

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7 Responses to “Matt Barkley hates gay people”

  1. Braga

    24. Feb, 2011

    Someone at USC needs to take this fuckhead’s twitter page away. It’s done NOTHING but hurt his image. Worst part is all of the fucking USC honks who are defending him. This is a ridiculous world we live in when people defend hate speech from public figures just because they throw TDs for their favorite school.

  2. Yeek

    27. Feb, 2011

    Nobody ever thinks they’re a bigot, do they?

    He can have his opinion, and he can tell it to the world. But the world can tell him right back that he’s an idiot. And nobody has to like any of it.

  3. Isaac

    27. Feb, 2011

    The bigger question is: Why is this a concern for Matt? It won’t effect his performance in the bedroom. Or will it?

  4. Fooledbyasmile

    28. Feb, 2011

    He’s an idiot. There is a reason most sports figures stay away from controversial issues- regardless of the side. And that reason is that you are bound to offend someone. And then you lose fans.

    Less fans=less sold merchandise=less money. Don’t believe me? Ask Lebron James after he pissed off his entire fan base when he left Cleveland.

  5. Jeff

    18. Aug, 2012

    The irony is that Matt Barkley’s grandfather, his dad’s dad is in fact gay.They changed their last name to Barkley for that reason. I wish one journalist will pursue that story.


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