Nike Owns Oregon, Oregon Owns The NCAA. Deal With It, Losers

Nike Owns Oregon, Oregon Owns The NCAA. Deal With It, Losers

Posted on 02. Mar, 2012 at 1:18 pm by in Oregon Ducks Football, Pac 12 Football

On the day that we found out our season tickets are jumping 25% from last season, we get this batch of GREAT news.

It’s Oregon’s world, we just allow you to pay exorbitant prices to walk in our shoes.

So, get your Nike-walk on. Get you head right. I know you feeling Oregon, Oregon is dead right.

(Oh, and we do indeed bathe in Hennessy fifths.)

Personally I always thought the talk of Nike owning Oregon, and ergo, Oregon owning the NCAA, was the stuff of, ESPN message boards and angry Trojans on Twitter. But hey, if national guys like Doyle want to subscribe to that and make it fair play, I’m all for it. All that really means in the end is that we have the most creative minds in sports-business, teaming with perhaps the most creative football mind in the nation. And if left unchecked and unchallenged (as Doyle clearly insinuates) what the hell is going to stop the machine? Who or what will be able to rise up and clip the Ducks before they make the Uncle Petey run look like a drop in the bucket?

Answer: Only God. But, his son founded Nike, so I’m guessing he also is just enjoying the show.

Doyle wants Chip Fired, and that’s fine. He also knows he MUST be fired. Why? Well, because he knows it when he sees it. 

But as Luke 11:21 reads “when a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.” And yes, Phillip is guarding his own house, we are safe. Don’t take it from this goober-blogger, take it from Gregg Doyle, he said it first. I’m just following him to the Promised Land, and in the process watching all of the sins committed by Oregon be absolved, as Mark Emmert ultimately forgives at the request of the almighty Uncle Phil.

And people thought Notre Dame was the preeminent Catholic-run football program…

So Doogs, beavs, Aubies and Trojies, get off our lawn.

And if you don’t, and we’re feeling particularly spiteful, you may find yourself ending up in Hell.




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