In Light Of Today’s Yahoo Report, It’s Time To Pick Sides. Either You’re With Us Or Against Us

Posted on 01. Jul, 2011 at 1:23 pm by in NCAA Football, Oregon Ducks Football

By now you’ve all seen the latest Yahoo! report of Willie, Chipper and the Ducks. Doesn’t look good, I guess.

I’m not going to sit here and try to prove guilt/innocence or try and pretend that I understand the ridiculous NCAA rule book, or the wildly inconsistent and often draconian goons in Indianapolis.

My take on NCAA and ‘cheating’ is abundantly clear by now. And until the media and the masses put enough pressure on the NCAA, they will always be going after the guppies (programs) and the shark (NCAA) will swim unabated towards the slightest trickle of blood and rip another program to shreds, whether it fits the ‘crime’ or not.

More to the point. Lets say Oregon is full of cheating scum bags, Chip is dirtier than a pig pen, forced out and the NCAA crushes us. Then what?

Are you going to play the morality card and say you would rather lose with dignity than win while skirting the ethics line? You going to hop on Facebook and declare yourself a Beaver fan? Done with college football? Pulling your season tickets and donations?

If so, fine.

Do it. Be gone.

We don’t want you, we don’t need you. Odds are you’re the guy that just found out the Ducks were good about 18 months ago. Fuck you.

I hate dropping the ‘we’ card, I don’t play football at Oregon, and won’t make a single dent in any outcome. But, when trouble comes, you rally the troops and fortify. Saying ‘we’ is a lot easier when you’re watching the opening kick off in the Rose Bowl or National Title game. While Oregon may not be in trouble yet (or ever) it’s fair to take the stance that it’s coming. And if it comes ‘we’ need to stand tall and not waver. Fuck the haters. Fuck ESPN message boards, Oregon Live message boards, fuck Brooks, Canzano, Schroeds and all the naysayers. Fuck a Papa Doc, fuck a clock, fuck all of you…

If trouble comes and all the goodwill, pub, money and US Army All-Americans leave/stop coming in, it is now ‘our’ program. WE will be the ones that have to keep it rolling, and not roll over on them. Again, Oregon isn’t in trouble yet, I’m just saying.

If Oregon gets rolled, you, me, and your best friend will have to be the one’s that need to keep going to the games, wearing the gear and not jumping off the ship like the rats and pussies that inevitably will. Go down with the ship, it’s the only honorable thing to do. For when the program rises again (and it would) you can be one of the people to proudly say you never scurried away to safety once it got dark outside.

Oregon is bigger than any single coach, player, win, loss or violation. Oregon is now ‘national’ and I want us to keep it that way.

The proverbial line in the sand has been drawn. Which side you taking?

In OREGON I trust.

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8 Responses to “In Light Of Today’s Yahoo Report, It’s Time To Pick Sides. Either You’re With Us Or Against Us”

  1. sk

    01. Jul, 2011

    “Odds are you’re the guy that just found out the Ducks were good about 18 months ago.”


  2. Twitter Head

    01. Jul, 2011


  3. Mick

    01. Jul, 2011

    Spit those fireworks playa! Beaver fan has never and will never have ground to stand on in any sports argument other than the two years when they mobbed in the CWS. The BCS needs to create their own division of paid college athletes. Paid in the sense that all tuition, fees, and reasonable living expenses are paid for by the university. Shoot, hook players who start with $3K per month extra for all I care. Those guys make colleges millions of dollars, and due to revenue sharing in the conferences, not a single school is going to lose money in that situation.

  4. Jonathan Adams

    01. Jul, 2011

    Said it after the Natty and I’ll say it now: Keep the faith or get the f*ck out.

  5. ian trottier

    02. Jul, 2011

    Ever heard of a guy named Norm Van Brocklin? You wouldn’t have if you’d just jumped aboard in Phoenix.
    PS: Knight’s father was an Oregon Duck folks.

    Ducks always fly south for the winter and always will. Nothing’s going to change. Fowl have always pointed their wings toward larger skies. See one other school on this list apart from USC and Oregon? No, of course not.

    Top 10 NFL Hall of Famers by colleges:
    Southern California (11)
    Notre Dame (10)
    Michigan (8)
    Ohio State (8)
    Alabama (7)
    Syracuse (7)
    Illinois (6)
    Minnesota (6)
    Oregon (6)
    Pittsburgh (6)

  6. Jimmy

    03. Jul, 2011


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