Ducks Hoops Now 4-1…Lets Hope They Can Get To 5

Ducks Hoops Now 4-1…Lets Hope They Can Get To 5

Posted on 24. Nov, 2010 at 4:27 am by in Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Oregon Ducks Basketball, PAC-10 Basketball

Ok they should be able to get 5 wins, I mean they still get to play Idaho, Jacksonville State, Portland State, Willamette and of course the Beavers. Getting 5 should be easy,a tougher question is can they reach 10.

My money is on no.

I’ll give them wins against Idaho, Jacksonville State, Willamette and the Beavs at home, but that’s the only ones I feel comfortable saying they are favored to win. PSU always beats us and so do the Beavs at home. So to reach 10 wins the Ducks will need to win 2 Pac-10 games and with what they got it won’t happen

Also are other 3 non-league games that we have no chance. Duke, laughable. Virgina got crushed by UW, but they are still better. And Mizz is also ranked. Don’t forget to get in on the FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY for the Mizz game we are having. The Ducks may not be good, but it’s one of the last games at Old MacArthur Court so check it out.

Enough self promoting back to why the Ducks stink.

The Ducks best player by far is E.J. Singler. The one problem is that he doesn’t know it and I don’t think he’s going to figure it out this year. He hustles, has the best shot on the team, is the smartest player and just looks like he knows what he’s doing. He has all the tools to be a good Pac10 player and he will get it in time. First things first get up more than 5 shots a game, I’m already sick of Catron having the ball in his hand.

After E.J. I lump about 5 players in this second level. Catron has been the scoring threat so far, but he is no more than a garbage player. He will find loose balls and do some dirty work, but he really isn’t more than that. Malcolm Armstead has moments when he looks like a top pg in the Pac, but then he shows why he’s not with inconsistent playing and bad decision making. I still like the ball in his hand more than the others. Teondre is a freak athlete. He out jumps people that are bigger than him and brings the pain with some dunks. His shot doesn’t look half bad this year so hopefully he will be more aggressive. Jeremy Jacob and Tyrone Nared seem about the same player to me. Both are 6’8 which are the centers for the Ducks and both have a pretty soft hands around the hoop. Problem is when they go up against some bigger guys they will get pushed around and will have trouble scoring in the paint.

Now the bottom level for the Ducks, which is why the Ducks will not win many games. The 6 I listed above are decent players and look like they belong out there, these others not so much. Nicholas Lucenti, Jonathan Loyd and Martin Seiferth are all freshmen so I’ll cut them some slack. I don’t like Loyd for the 1 reason that he is only 5’7 and he reminds me to much of Tajuan Porter, which gets my blood boiling remembering him jacking awful shots. Sim looks lost out on the court. He never looks like he knows where the ball should go and when he does it takes great effort to make a simple pass. His shot has not been there, except for the 3/4 court shot he hit last night, but not having a wing that can hit a 3 hurts. Fearn is a non-factor along with Matt Losli so I’ll skip right by them. The player that will get the Ducks the extra wins to reach 10 is Jacksonville State transfer Jay-R Strowbridge. He has played some real good minuets so far and he even had  18 in the North Dakota State game, but watching him on the court it looks like he will lose some games that the Ducks need. His 3 point shooting has been awful so far 3-17, and he really likes to shoot the ball when it’s in his hands. The one problem looks like he’s a really streaky shooter. He’s had an 0-6 shooting game and an 0-9 game so far and it’s only been 5 games. If the Ducks are to win these 2 needed Pac10 games it will come down to if he can make some shots or if he will pass up some shots.

Overall I do like where Dana Altman has the Ducks heading. I’m liking the fullcourt press that they have been running and I think that Dana can recruit. Let’s hope he figures this out soon so we don’t make the most expensive arena in college look like a Beaver football game.

Lets hope we can get 1 win at home this year

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9 Responses to “Ducks Hoops Now 4-1…Lets Hope They Can Get To 5”

  1. Meerkat

    24. Nov, 2010

    A nice dish of Oregon hoops text that I gobbled up.

    reminds me to much of Tajuan Porter, which gets my blood boiling remembering him jacking awful shots

    Oh, I do miss the “jack-tracker”.

    The wife and I are leaving Bend early Saturday to try and make tip-off of Dukies/Ducks @ the RG.

    I know Lord Bilas is at the Maui Invitational … maybe he’ll swing thru Portland on his way back!

    This is for 3D:

  2. anonymous

    25. Nov, 2010

    okay so basically your a complete IDIOT.
    how can you say you hate johnathan loyd because he reminds you of Tajuan Porter? Thats the stupidist reason i have ever heard in my life! yeah hes short but he probably can outrun more than half the people on the court, and youve seen him play 5 times? You have no idea what your talking about!

    and you have to remember that they are a new team and last game they played amazing and you could actually see the difference in the team, they were bonding better as a team, and if they keep it up then theyre going be AMAZING this year so shut up and keep your negative comments to yourself!

    alright thanks! idiot.

  3. SKI

    25. Nov, 2010

    Wow a Duck basketball fan. I didn’t expect to have any comments here since I thought all hoop fans have deserted the team years ago. I’m glad at least someone cares.

    You must be new to Oregon basketball or you would remember the pains of having an undersized guard. Those years with TP were the worst years of my life. So until Loyd shows me something that he’s not TP I’ll keep the same opinion.

    I watched the Texas Southern game and by no means were they amazing. Tex So shut them down with their zone and it wasn’t until they started making stupid mistakes with the ball that the Ducks went ahead. It was a game that they should win as a pac10 team so don’t going thinking it was anything other than that.

    They are a new team and that’s why I am not expecting anything out of them this year, or next year. To say they are going to be amazing means you have no idea about how basketball is played or how it should be played. This is not what it’s supposed to look like.

    I think Altman well get them there in time, but it won’t be soon. So come back for more REAL insight to the Ducks team and until then go read a book about basketball so you can actually write something that you know about.

  4. El Rey

    25. Nov, 2010

    Oregon basketball struggles, get over it and embrace the shit show!

  5. jake

    28. Nov, 2010

    I agree with anonymous, it’s a little early in the season to dismiss the Ducks. And what makes you THE authority on basketball to tell someone to go read a book on basketball. Wow! What an ego! You’re insight is obviously biased for whatever reason which gives you little credibility.

  6. SKI

    28. Nov, 2010

    Come on Jake we all know that you are anonymous as well. Who else would say such ridiculous things. It’s time to give up here you are starting to get desperate.

    If you have watched the Ducks this year you can dismiss this season. They just played the best game of the season and lost by 30. Yeah it was to the #1 team, but still.

    I am the authority because I am biased in favor of the Ducks, yet I know enough to know when they aren’t good. You can sit there and think the Ducks can win the title and when they win 8 games you can be happy that they played good, but that is the problem with Ducks hoops. People like you that let this mediocrity go unchecked thinking that 10 win seasons are ok. Guess what, they aren’t. It’s time to make the change that the football team made in not accepting being average.

    Altman can be the one to make the change. but it’s not going to happen for awhile. Accept that.


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