Sosa Taking Beatings From Chicago Fans On Tilt

Posted on 25. May, 2011 at 12:15 pm by in NBA Basketball

Chicagonow isn’t too fond of the 3 straight losses to the Heat.  Of course this guy blames Rose’s inability to make shots, Korver the same, Joey Crawford for ‘owning stock in the Heat’, yada yada yada.

Then the hate comes out:

Finally, did anyone catch the shots of Sammy Sosa in the crowd last night? What a piece of shit this guy has become.

In case you missed it, Sosa was decked out in the type of outfit you’d expect to see on a guy who runs one of those stands in the mall that sells oversized, gold-plated dollar-sign necklaces — or a Hispanic version of Barry Gibb.  At a few points, cameras showed Sosa was practically dancing in his seat with delight over the Heat’s performance. I understand that Sosa has a right to follow whichever sports franchises he may choose, but you’d figure that a guy who was made into a mega-star by the city of Chicago could show a little humility….let’s just say I have a strong suspicion he may have been the ”Fucking faggot” Joakim Noah was talking to in game 3.

The more I think about it, Miami seems like the perfect place for a joke like Sosa.  His pharmaceutically-enhanced ego fits right in with the likes of LeBron James and company.

Wow dude, someone’s a little butt-hurt that Jordan isn’t there to save their asses.  He is the Godfather of getting sucked off by the referees.  His final shot with Chicago was 10 times more of an offensive foul than LeBron’s at the end of regulation.

Sosa looks ridiculous.  He deserves all the crap he’s been getting for becoming the 2011 version of Michael Jackson.  But steroids, 4 60+ home run seasons, a stupid hop out of the batter’s box, blowing kisses to the camera, and Mark McGwire made Sammy Sosa.  Not Chicago.

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One Response to “Sosa Taking Beatings From Chicago Fans On Tilt”

  1. Mick

    26. May, 2011

    Shit that’s just about the funniest thing I’ve seen all year! Sammy in that white queer-bait shirt cheering for the Heat was just what King James ordered.

    Take it easy Bulls fan…. You act like Sosa actually did something productive in your town because 500 foot jacks ment exactly SQUAT because they didn’t help you win a lick. TAS Chicago fans.

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