September 19, 2017 | 8:36 pm
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TheSportsBrewery is dedicated to providing a welcoming home for sports fans of all shapes and sizes to chat, argue and debate any and all things relevant or for that matter, non-relevant, in the world of sports. We serve out takes with a heavy handed west coast bias with no apologies. However, unlike you east coasters we do realize sports happen on the other side of this great nation, and those of you with teams in other time zones wont be ignored (completely). Between our group of eight highly esteemed authors, we cover all the current and old happenings in the wide world of sports. Our goal is to create an open, free-flowing community to debate and argue everyone’s terrible ideas, so feel free to critique, comment, question or just give an old fashioned lambasting in the comments section, we encourage it actually! However, we ask you don’t make us enforce the Decent Human Being/Common Sense Law by going over the top with racial/cultural blasts. Otherwise, we will be forced to run you faster than Sweet Lou Piniella kicking his hat around Jacobs Field. So sit down, relax, grab a good beer and join in on the arguments. We think you will love, or at the very least love to hate, the different opinions and personalities of our authors.

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